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A marketing agency focused on the people buying your tech.

The Revery create human-shaped branding, digital marketing services and content marketing to educate buyers, accelerate sales, increase loyalty and ultimately engender trust.

What does it mean to be more human?

It's recognising that your products are being bought by people, not a company. People, who can get distracted by too much technical language, detailed specifications and complex sales messages. People, who are hardwired to bring emotion and trust into even seemingly rational business-purchasing decisions. People, who need to know at a glance who you are, what you stand for and that you can be trusted to deliver.

A marketing agency for great but complex tech brands.

We love to work with companies from across the tech sphere; what they all have in common is a need to communicate effectively, and a desire to change the world (we'll get on just fine).


Cloud and SaaS


Telco and contact centre technology


Software and IT


Medical and biotechnology




Startups and seed-stage

Cloud and Saas

Telco and contact center technology

Software and IT

Medical and biotechnology


Startups and seed-stage

We deliver OUTSTANDING creative with a purpose.

We love words. Clever, entertaining insightful stories rock our world. But words without a solid business reason for existing are for that novel you plan to write... eventually. Tech marketing needs to be firmly rooted in a strategy with clear business objectives. Dials need to move and curves need to trend upwards. We use a mix of marketing techniques and tools to drive real results. Peek into our tool and technique box below. Yes, we said technique box.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

We take the complex and technical and distill it into a simple yet powerful brand positioning, telling your customers at a glance who you are and why they need you. Brand is your foundation. 


Content marketing

We craft content that turns a world of complex information into something engaging and valuable. Need a perception change, brand awareness or leads? We take what you're feeling and thinking and put it into just the right words.

content marketing strategies

Lead generation

To create ongoing sales leads we look to develop a deep understanding of your customer and a scalable process for creating awareness and nurturing your customers down the purchase funnel. 

digital marketing agency

Digital marketing services

From SEO, SEM, social media marketing and beyond, we recommend cutting edge digital approaches tailored to fit the behaviour and location of your customer base, with creative that demands attention and produces the very best results.

Content marketing

Inbound marketing

Ready to get serious about the digital world? We'll bring in the big guns, inbound marketing. As a Hubspot partner we use systems and processes for tech businesses that engage buyers, increase customer acquisition and drive revenue.

website design

Website design

Your website is your biggest sales tool. It needs to work hard. We develop websites that communicate your brand and key messages effectively and beautifully. However, we don't stop there. We ensure SEO and UX are baked in so your site is as findable and usable as it is gorgeous.

Telling can get tiring, so now time to show the good china.

We've been very lucky to have worked with some amazing clients who have trusted us as we've sailed the unchartered waters of this new digital marketing world. Together, we've pushed industry boundaries, discovered new insights and (we hope) made work that's both beautiful and supremely effective.

Case studies

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The Revery can be found at L1 32 Wangaratta Street Richmond 3121 (or at one of the fine cafes nearby).

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