Using your brand positioning strategy to break what has always worked.

The marketing you've been doing has been working fine. Up until now. But it's time to go to the next level and untap a new source of growth. Is the thinking behind your Brand Positioning Strategy up to the challenge? 

The killer agile marketing plan every tech business needs

Your tech business works in Agile, so why not your marketing? Learn how to create a killer Agile Marketing Plan to market more effectively and creatively.

Business websites: the five golden rules

These days just having a website isn’t enough. Your site needs to be the golden apple that shines from the tree, attracting (and converting) visitors from far and wide. To help you assess whether your website is up to the job, here are our 5 Golden Rules of effective business websites.

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Dear Inbound Marketing, why do you take so long? From I'm Bored Now.

'Here's to waiting' is the sign off to my all time favourite ad, 'Guinness Surfers'. Turns out there is something in it. Delaying gratification is associated with greater wealth, low levels of substance abuse, a smaller waistline and for B2B tech, a steady flow of leads.

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How trust converts brand advertising to sales

Brands can engender trust simply by being seen and heard. Consistent brand marketing directly affects how willing someone is to trust and shortlist your product or service. Here's how.

Herd of sheep. Heard of inbound marketing?

Marketers are keen to put things in buckets. For many reasons of course: it makes it easier to run advertising if you’re picking placements to reach ‘B2B tech target market A’, easier to pick an image that represents ‘B2B tech target market A’, easier to do just about anything if you can convince yourself that ‘B2B tech target market A’ will behave like a lovely big flock of sheep guided down the purchase funnel by a pack of helpful sheepdogs.

7 ways traditional marketing fails for B2B SaaS

 The marketing rules are changing, particularly for SaaS companies, and the time of spending months fine-tuning a campaign worth a quarter of your marketing budget, launching it and crossing your fingers that it will work are going. Instead, a new, more agile approach to marketing is needed.

Do these things before jumping into advertising and content

As a self-help junkie, the beginning of The Revery saw me swimming in a 50m pool of business books and seminars. One of the big stand outs in the chlorine packed body of information was the saying ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’. The thought behind R.F.A is that a lot of good stuff doesn’t happen because people wait to get everything perfect before they ‘shoot’. 

I know you're not really reading this.

I have a secret: I’m not a terribly ambitious person. This may come as a surprise to those who know me, but in truth I’ve never had big goals for myself as far as my career went - those “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” questions are painful (and ultimately not that illuminating). In fact my major career goal was to get to a place where I could listen to music as I worked and where I didn’t have to do my own photocopying.