Playing nicely with others

One of my favourite aspects of The Revery is our ability to work wherever we need to, whether it's together or individually with clients.  With the recent influx of cloud-based solutions we've been experimenting to see which help us work most efficiently together.

Some of these solutions are probably pretty familiar to those already running a  business, including Google Drive and Evernote.  But here are a couple more which might be less familiar, but are well worth checking out:

Haiku Deck (iTunes, free)

Great for on the go iPad presentations. It does the majority the formatting for you (although more limited than Powerpoint or Keynote), but it's best feature is the keyword image search which immediately reduces the 'Death by Powerpoint' effect and makes for a compelling story. Perfect when pulling together a presentation which needs polish and a quick turn around.

Trello (iTunes, Android, free)

Basically its a task list manager that anyone can be invited to, so tasks can be assigned, updated and commented on. I've got boards with my business partners, but also with other companies so it's great for information share internally and externally. We even have a board noting the best cafes for remote working in our local area!

iThoughtsHD (iTunes, $10.49)

A brainstorming tool which will feel very intuitive if you are a web thinker. It's a brilliant timesaver for meetings as well, as it can be emailed through directly afterwards either as a mindmap, or a dot point set of minutes. 

Freshbooks (iTunes, Google, Free)

This simple cloud accounting app tracks expenses, records time spent on projects and allows invoicing directly from the app or the web interface. It doesn't offer as much bolt-on functionality like something like Xero does, but for now its a great low cost solution.

I'd love to hear about any other apps you find useful when running a business.