Writing your own brand story

 Twitter buttons at OSCON via Garrett Heath

Twitter buttons at OSCON via Garrett Heath

Setting up a Twitter account for yourself or your business is a good exercise in your defining your own brand story. It forces you to ask and answer a number of questions which can really help clarify the narrative you will share across the rest of your social media presence.


  • Who am I?
  • What is important to me?
  • Who do I care about the opinion of?
  • What am I an expert in, which I can help people by sharing?
  • What is my voice, the language and tone I use in my tweets?
  • What will be my attitude to followers - am I a collector or a considered curator? 
  • How reciprocal am I prepared to be?


Start to answer these questions by carefully drafting a short description of yourself or your business. With only 140 characters every word will count, and outside of your Twitter feed it will be the main source of information about you; people will make decisions about whether to follow you based on how this reads, so make it good. 

Next, think about the next couple of points, and start to find people to follow - for a business it will include your competitors, key influencers, clients and potentially staff.  See who they retweet, and start to expand your network. 

And remember that this is social  media.  The rules of conversation still apply!  Thank people for following you or retweeting, and consider following people who follow you if you think they will be useful to your network, or interesting to hear from.