Blogging. Just get on with it.

I am a social media introvert.

This is weird because 1) put me in a room full of people, any people and I’m all ‘LET ME AT ‘EM!’ and 2) I am a marketing consultant, I have no problem planning and implementing social media campaigns for my clients.

It started with Facebook.

My first post was done with sweaty palms and an embarrassingly high heart rate. For the first year on Facebook, it didn’t really feel like me. Every post was cautious, stiff and way, way overly thought through. But I kept at it and something just changed, ‘me’ started to appear and the whole thing became fun, a little bit like real life socialising (well not really but you get the drift).

But here I am again, writing my first blog post and I am the girl sitting in the corner of the room desperately trying to blend in with the wall paper.

Luckily, since the creation of the Revery I have been able to hide behind the skirt of my social media genius business partner Nerissa who jumps into every social media platform like it’s a cold pool on a 42 degree day. Nerissa has without complaint been solely responsible for our blogging and would stoically continue to do so as I make some lame excuse about being our finance person.

However sometimes you just need  to put on your party best dress, take a deep breath and enter the room and while at first it may feel like you’re wearing an inappropriate outfit to an important party, eventually (after 20 hours according to Josh Kaufam) it will become a skill and habit like any other you employ in your business.

That said I could have never put virtual pen to paper without the confidence of a solid content plan that began with real thought about our customer. Have told you about how ALL marketing needs to start with your customers first. Oh wait there’s another blog post ………….

If you have to get it perfect like me before you start, I have been trawling the web for 6 months for the best info on blogging. Here are two of the best ‘blogging advice’ bloggers


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Jodi Gaylard is co-Director of The Revery, a marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. The Revery make leading edge marketing and powerful creative available to businesses that are striving for growth but looking to stay lean.


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