Overstuffing your suitcase

Packing for a holiday can have me rolling around the floor in undecided agony, muttering under my breath about the inhumanity of airline baggage allowance. Are they serious, how on earth am I supposed to travel to a destination that takes a 24 hour flight with 23 kilos!!

I just can’t bear to limit my outfit choices because who knows what surprising situation you might be in on a beach holiday that calls for an evening dress.

While clothes and shoes are vastly different to information, offers and imagery, the insight to why we over fill is the same. Too much copy in our ad, too many different offers, complicated overdone visuals happen because we are frightened to leave out any of the good stuff.

Problem is, all that ‘stuff’ makes it difficult for your customers (much like my husband) to talk to you. People are busy and important and easily overwhelmed so instead of taking in all the interesting, valuable things, when you over fill, they turn off, move on and take in nothing.

It can be a difficult and time consuming exercise to be ruthless and single minded, but if you want your communications to make the phone ring it is essential.

The easiest way to cut the clutter is to go back to your customer - or for me the destination (no Jodi you don’t need 9 inch heels EVER when near sand and ocean). Ask yourself who is your single most important customer and what is the single most important thing you deliver to them. Try to cater to more than one target market and you’ll find more and more info try to sneak its way in and your piece of communication will become less and less powerful.

So, one target market, one main message and only 3 pairs of shoes,maybe 4.


Jodi Gaylard is co-Director of The Revery, a marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. The Revery make leading edge marketing and powerful creative available to businesses that are striving for growth but looking to stay lean.