Think of your brand as an iceberg

I love Nandos. Cheeky, funny advertising, reasonably priced high quality food with friendly staff who know their free range (happy before dying) chicken. Their irreverent brand can be seen from their salt shakers through to their TV advertising. Beautiful marketing.

The only thing that stops me eating a chicken pita everyday is their bathroom. Yep. Icky, dark, a bit on the nose with a soap dispenser that is always broken. Brings out a Howard Hughes style OCD in me and I find myself wanting to bathe in Domestos. If I was brave and a touch more insane, I would shout ‘THIS IS NOT THE HEALTHY, SUNSHINE, GOOD TIMES YOU PROMISED ME AND I AM CROSS’.

For Nandos this means the lost revenue of five pitas a week and probably more if I ever lose my mind completely, wear my bra on the outside and stand in the middle of their restaurant and shout the aforementioned grievance.

So how do you avoid making your clients worry about picking up amoebic dysentery from your bathroom? An exercise we do with clients is called ‘The Titanic’.

brand iceberg

Slowly but surely work through every place customers come in contact with you to see if everything matches your brand positioning. It's time consuming work, but SO important.

It takes a lot of marketing money to bring people into your business. Once they start to interact with you they are either a warm lead or a customer, which means they are going to buy or continue buying from you so worth much more than someone who hasn’t considered you yet.

It’s important to live up to what you’ve promised.

So unless you are a French restaurant that prides itself on being difficult, live up to what you’ve promised. Don’t be mean to your customers, don’t make them do lots of hard work that you could do for them (unless you are at a low price point), get back to them quickly and above all make sure your bathroom is spotless.


jodi gaylard

Jodi Gaylard is co-Director of The Revery, a marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. The Revery make leading edge marketing and powerful creative available to businesses that are striving for growth but looking to stay lean.

Image via Flickr CC/ arbyreed