7 marketing resolutions for 2015

#1: I will…use more video on Facebook

While we’re very familiar with posting photos on Facebook, videos actually result in much higher engagement but are still only rarely used. And here’s a little secret; Facebook automatically plays Facebook hosted video in the newsfeed, while YouTube videos require the viewer to press play. So if you’re looking for a way to reach Facebook fans and improve engagement – time to get thinking about including video in your content plan.


#2: I will not…pigeonhole social selling platforms

LinkedIn for business, Facebook for consumers, Instagram for the kids – oh really? If news of the declining organic reach on Facebook isn’t enough convince you, or if you’re still convinced that social media channels can only work for one type of target market, then you need to read this. Or this. Or this.


#3: I will…have a purpose to my blogging

I know, I know – it seems like last year everyone was barking at you about the need to blog. But this year the challenge is to step it up into creating content with a purpose, whether your intention is to generate awareness, increase loyalty or convert leads into sales.

Start by brainstorming the pain points, needs and interests of your target market and the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to move them Then identify relevant keywords that need to be included in your content to help make sure it easily discovered.

And don’t forget, once they are on your site make sure to think about what other content you highlight to draw them in – a free download, related content and more.


#4: I will…buffer my content posts

When it comes to social media, frequency and consistency are key. But when you’re actually running a business remembering to post content at the right times can be tricky. To make this easier, check your social media insights to understand the best times and type of content to post, and then once a week use a tool like Facebook Schedule, Buffer or Hootsuite to load content which will then automatically be posted for you. Job done.

Pro tip: there’s nothing wrong with sharing content more than once, which reduces the amount you have to produce.


#5: I will not…spend money on expensive print, radio and TV

OK, obviously this is not a blanket rule, but unless you have a large target market and awareness is your goal, that money dollar for dollar can probably be more effectively spent (and tracked) through other means, both digital and offline. Not only can the cost of media and production higher, but the ability to offer something genuinely interesting and valuable is harder:

Traditional marketing vehicles are becoming less effective in capturing and engaging the attention of today's perpetually connected consumer


#6: I will…find ways to let my customers buy an experience, not just a product

Research shows that people are happier and assign greater value to experiential purchases rather than a product purchase, and this is related to the sense of anticipation – like how looking forward to a trip or a concert can be as great as the event itself.

Find ways to develop that sense of anticipation no matter what the purchase, from something as simple as a thank you email confirmation providing some usage tips, faster shipping options or take inspiration from Nike who provided customers with a personalised year in review video to encourage their 2015 training.


#7: I will…set a marketing budget and stick to it

It’s the ‘I will lose 5kg and quit smoking’ of marketing resolutions, but it’s still the key to your marketing health. A properly planned marketing budget will stop you overspending, better understand your potential sales and help you measure your ROI so you know what to spend your money on next year (which is only 11 months and 2 weeks away…)


Image via Flickr CC/BazaarBizarreSF