Why B2B tech companies need to make content marketing services part of doing business.

In the B2B tech world, content is your best asset. Great content  is more than words on a page; it’s the key to a robust bottom line. Great content sets you apart from your competitors, establishes your business as a leading industry authority, and tells your customers you really know your stuff. Your competition is fierce, and buying decisions often rest on research and trust. Did you notice that research comes first? That’s where good content marketing services step in.

The B2B technology connection disconnection

Making content marketing an integral part of the business can be overwhelming and feel tricky. A content marketing campaign takes time, effort and dedication however given that 57% of potential B2B tech customers have made a decision about your brand before they ever get to a sales person it’s one of the most potent way for B2B companies to market themselves. Also the number of people researching online is only increasing.

Think about this for a minute: By 2020, fully half the workforce will be Millennials.  By definition, Millennials are people who grew up online, and they are the up-and-coming B2B buyers. Are old-school methods going to speak to them? Nope. Time to pivot.

What’s trending in B2B?

Econsultancy released their B2B Digital Trends report in September 2015  that explores the practical and philosophical shift taking place in business-to business marketing. With customers demanding ever more information, it’s up to businesses to step up what they offer; avoiding shallow, easy answers to provide the detailed information your customers are searching for. As it turns out, B2B buyers are real people, and they shop like real people. For perhaps the first time ever, they are demanding to be treated with the same care and consideration given to individual consumers. Forrester’s 2016 Predictions predicts transformation shift in B2B customer engagement strategy and messaging. Laura Ramos, VP-principal analyst, B2B marketing at Forrester Research discussed the implications in an interview with AdAge.   She thinks businesses are going to have to go deeper into customer relationships. Upcoming marketing trends encompass not just personalization, but individualization.

Let’s talk tech

No field is more fiercely contested - or more exciting - than the tech industry. Let’s put your competition in perspective. On average: 
• In the US alone, $1,532 is invested in startups every second. That’s $48.3 billion per year.
• 100 million businesses are launched every year, worldwide. That’s more than three businesses every second. 
• 90% of new businesses fail. 
• Of the 100 million businesses launched each year, on average, 8 become unicorns. 
• No super-unicorns ($100 billion-plus in value) have emerged as yet from the last decade of startups, but none or ten “decacorns” ($10 billion-plus in value) have grown. Yikes! That’s a crowded field. How will you stand out?

I’m convinced! Now what?

Before you take the plunge, you really have to commit. None of those half measures. Content is a pretty big deal. It’s a rapacious fire that needs to be constantly stoked, even when you don’t see any sparks. Creating content marketing campaigns in volume is tough. You know how competitive it is out there...and how many competitors you have.

If you’re not already a recognizable powerhouse like GE, you have to set yourself apart. Guess what companies are most heavily invested in content? Powerhouse brands. GE produces an unbelievable amount of varied and interesting content. So does Coca-Cola, Nike, and every other familiar name.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to have a strategy to rival giant brands. In fact, most B2B businesses are so lacking in content that any effort you make will make a difference. Things are starting to change. B2B is catching on and catching up. That means great opportunity for your company -  now is the time to dedicate itself wholeheartedly to content marketing services.