Content marketing - How to make your tech blog famous.


I had a conversation with my self about a year ago and put a ban on reading self-help books after dark. I was finding that books with titles like to 'how to be a zillionaire in 4 hours' and 'profit before designer clothes' were making me have strange kind of Wall Street dreams when I actually wanted to spend my 8 hours flying through pink sunsets and cuddling puppies. So I picked up a new obsession...biographies. People are just SO VERY FASCINATING. Some of my favourite ones have been from real people with a good story but the famous people, particularly the creative types are gloriously interesting.

Commonality between the vast majority of people who make their mark is that while it takes talent, it also invariably takes much more. They often seem to have grandiose ideas about the end game, then through trial and error find systems that help them get famous. Kurt Cobain was having conversations in his head about the Rolling Stones interview long before we were wearing flannel shirts. And his systems (whether consciously or sub- consciously) were always working to raise awareness of his existence. Whether that be playing tirelessly at sticky carpet venues, orchestrating situations where he could show off to the right people or negotiating a record company deal where money could be thrown at being promoted.

So it is here that I apply the 'how to be a famous person' blogging principles. I am going to save you years of trial and error and of course binge drinking, struggle, rehab and comebacks  to give you the short cut on the systems to make your blog famous. Because not only do you need great content you need equally great systems to promote it. It is crowded and competitive out there. You need to be able to be found to be loved.

Step 1: Long tail keywords - Help them find your genius

We all know that even if you are top of the second page of Google you are dead blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

This means no blog can be published without thorough research on key words and not just any keywords but long tail key words so when people search for what you are the expert on. Boom! The first page you will go.

Without it being obviously forced, long tailed key words need to be littered lightly throughout your blog and in the title of your blog. These are keywords your target market would use when searching for information. This is part art, part science. You need to brainstorm possible searches and come up with a list of words that your target market would search. For example, for our business some long tail keywords would be 'content marketing Melbourne' or 'how to create a digital strategy' or 'creating a brand strategy'. Also interview your customers and ask them what they search for. You can then use tools like SEMRushGoogle Planner or Moz to check how many searches are done a month and the amount of competition for the searches to work out the best long tail key words for your blog. Long tail key words are tricky to get your head around so for more info here's a great Hubspot blog.

Step 2: Sing the same song until it gets recognised. Or in blog terms promote your blog across all your social media channels many times.

For the most part businesses need a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company account. Obviously you need to seed your blog on your social media accounts. What's less obvious is that you can do it about 5 times. That's right friends, the same blog can be promoted 5 times (although in different weeks) you just need to sell it a different way every time. It's the same way the online publishes do it, same content, just the social media intro to the content is different. You can pick up different parts of your blog as the social media intro or just say the same thing in a different way. You'll be amazed at how rephrasing something can get a better or worse click through rate.

Step 3: Play, play, play. Why one gig (blog) is never enough

This is the very worse part of blogging. You need to pretty much do it every week. Better still twice a week. How can you be brilliant twice a week I hear your scream!!  This is the part I find the hardest deal with because with work, life and just general exhaustion it is hard to produce cracking content week in week out. When push comes to shove if you are serious about blogging bringing in the big bucks, you may need a team to write for you just to keep up the quantity. 

Step 4: Put dollars behind promotion

Apart from the publish tool on LinkedIn (which I can't recommend highly enough), for the most part social media posting only gets to your existing audience. So if acquisition is your goal and lets face it when isn't it. You need to pay to amplify your blog on social media. Its important to get the targeting right. On LinkedIn you can be highly targeted so if you are a B2B brand this is where you should spend the most money. Facebook and twitter less so but better for B2C Brands.

So thems your blogging systems. Stick with it and not only can it help your business thrive, it can save you years of tears, anguish and empty bottles of tequila.