The top 4 Content Marketing systems to implement in 2016


As we hurtle our way to Xmas like an out of control freight train; work, School concert, work, Xmas party,  work, Street Party, work Kinder concert, work, vodka, work, work, work, vodka, vodka, vodka our stress levels rise to breaking point while we claw our way to a quieter calmer place, somewhere between Xmas Day and News Years Eve. It is in this happy place that our resolutions for our goals ahead start to take shape. 

In previous years I have dedicated the coming year to the vibe or feeling I needed to achieve my goals. Big years for me were 2002 'Year of the tiger' (to help me be brave); 2003 'Year of the dolphin' (after the aggressiveness of 2002 left me and those around me in taters) 2004 'Year of Grace and Poise' (who was I kidding) and 2010 'Year of still water' (calm but a tad dull). This year I am taking inspiration from James Clear who's says it's better to create systems to achieve your goals instead of trying to achieve them, like me, through animals or water.  

So, as you relax in your hammock, with visions of 2016 bringing a lithe, toned body and Donald Trumps fortune, the one he would have had if he invested his Dad's money in index funds (why do I love that story SO much.) I want you to think about your marketing goals. Fluffy goals like higher brand awareness, increased leads or higher ROI on marketing dollars. Then put some systems around that stuff and wait for 2016 to bring in the gold. Here's some I've already done for you:

System 1: Schedule for blogging

Whether its you or a content agency writing for you. One blog every week must go out come rain, hail or emergency advertising deadline. Content marketing works like a Sara Lee cake 'layer upon layer, upon layer'. Stop layering and it stops tasting so nice to the people eating your content. 

System 2: Schedule advertising for blogs and long content pieces

This is a cheats way of getting your inbound content in peoples faces so you are also doing a brand awareness job as well as 'aren't we lovely and helpful, we are here when you need us' inboundy type of marketing'. So a new blog posted on social media, means a new blog up on paid social media, new long content piece done, set advertising for 3 months. Again consistency is key. You need to be seen week in week out.

System 3: Have a tight process in place for leads handed over from marketing to sales

The amount of leads that wither and die on the vine is frightening. Makes sure marketing and sales have a daily / weekly / monthly process to make the hand over of leads smooth and systemized. Ensuring the sales team are handling all leads like a doting mother, ensures sales.

System 4: Create an adjustment process based on quarterly data

It is easy to look at your reports every month and just keep on keeping on. This year make it a habit to adjust your campaigns every quarter based on the data. It means every campaign can be stronger and more powerful.

So its with one vodka down (only joking it's 10am!) I wish you a joyful holiday, a few weeks of inner peace and some fabulous 'towels over balconies, bare foot, fish and chips on the beach' kinda weather. MERRY XMAS everyone. Have an awesome one!!!