We are Melbourne's content marketing evangelists for B2B and tech.

The Revery offers a content marketing Melbourne based team that specialises in creating effective content marketing strategies and implementing content marketing services to make you stand out from the crowd.

Content marketing, the most powerful tool in B2B and tech marketing.

Where were we before content marketing entered our life? I tell you where, schlepping around trade shows, paying extortionate amounts for trade press and in the dark about any of the effectiveness. Content marketing allows B2B tech brands to differentiate themselves through storytelling. Storytelling that breaks down barriers between your business and the business you need. Content marketing can make you easy to find and easy to sell, by allowing your brand to be inspiring, invaluable and human - because after all, large glass buildings don't buy, people do.

But first, strategy.

Our content marketing Melbourne team know tech and they make it their business to know your customers. We consider and develop all forms of content marketing that have the potential to attract customers and feed your sales team when determining the right content marketing solution for you, from infographics, a white paper, ebooks, videos, podcasts and more.

We can also help get your beautiful content in front of the right audience, through a content marketing strategy based on clear and thoughtful customer personas and customer journey mapping that identifies moments of truth where your content can be most relevant and helpful.

Our specialist content marketing Melbourne based team can help you develop a strategy that may include content marketing services such as:


Customer personas

Customer personas

customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing calendars

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

Lead generation

Lead generation

marketing automation

Marketing automation

Search marketing

Search marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing



On-page optimisation

How long does it take to see results from our content marketing Melbourne team?

We are an impatient bunch at the Revery and like things to move fast. We use a delightful combination of traditional advertising, SEO and email marketing to get your content seen, read and loved as fast as digitally possible. From month one expect to see website traffic move up. However the best things come to those who wait so we ask you to stay the course for 6-12 months to see true business results. We then both get to do a punching the air, cheering to the sky dance of success. To see the nitty gritty of content marketing overtime read here.

Previous content marketing examples:


If your content marketing strategy isn't paying off, you're wondering how much content you really need, or you just content marketing services to make your content more compelling, engaging and effective...

 You should talk to our content marketing Melbourne team.