Email marketing is the powerhouse for driving business customers down the purchase funnel.


Do you have a valuable email address in your hot little hand and are now wondering how to make best use of this piece of gold hallmarked with an @ symbol?

Email marketing is one of the very best ways to take people from being aware of you, to wanting to do business with you. Turning acquaintances in good friends, shall we say.


In business to business, good content matters.

When is comes to email marketing not any old type with a little clipart will do. We must know who our potential customers are, all about their problems and their dreams if we want to write and design emails that persuade.

At the Revery, we work hard to create email marketing that speaks ‘human’ to your prospects. Email marketing that plays to both their interests and the problems that your product or service solves.

We look to create a relationship of respect and trust that in turn that leads to a sale.


The science behind email marketing

 At the Revery we know that great content gets you a long way but so does paying attention to the science behind your email marketing campaigns. Knowing important sciencey things like; the communication preferences of your target market depending on their age and demographic; the best times and days to send out emails to maximise response, and just how long your emails need to be to get you the very best results.

If along the way we notice a change in the habits of your database? We then mix up another magical formula to make sure you keep winning.


How we achieve measurable return on investment.

Three happy words. Closed Loop Marketing. What is CLM? CLM is what we practice here at the Revery and it’s making sure we have the ability to follow a contact from the point they first visit your website, as they get busy (viewing web pages, downloading resources or clicking on your emails)  to final conversion into a customer. This allows us to track and monitor to see what’s really working. We can then optimize, optimize, optimize (3 more happy words).


When email marketing get’s hungry.

While email marketing does a seriously good job at the conversion of leads into sales, it cannot work alone.  It needs a tailored combination of digital and social media advertising, blogging, SEO and SEM to feed it. After all just like money, email addresses (or at least those belonging to people that are interested in hearing from you) don’t grow on trees.  Blasting a bunch of people that haven’t opted to hear from you can make people run from a sale not towards it. That’s why we always make sure that in your marketing mix you have enough leads to make sure your email marketing is contently full.


Like the way we talk Email Marketing?

At the Revery we not only like to talk about marketing but are very keen to talk about business objectives and just how what we do drives what you do. Come and talk to us today and see how we can help you.