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We are a marketing agency that provides brand strategy, marketing strategy and content marketing to help B2B tech form strong connections and drive sales.

Inbound marketing is like a tractor beam for customers.

Inbound marketing is very simply, marketing that pulls customers to you. You might be the most familiar with it when it takes the form of blogs, but any content - infographics, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, podcasts and more - that can attract potential customers looking for a solution is a form of inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a slow but supremely effective way to build a customer base for B2B businesses. Here are 3 good reasons it should form part of your marketing arsenal.

inbound marketing leads

1. Inbound marketing is great way of generating properly qualified leads.

Genuine leads has always been the tension between marketing and sales. But inbound marketing collects valuable information each time they download new content. Add this up and over time you have a complete picture of your client - and a solid relationship forming.

inbound marketing growth

2. Inbound marketing is the only form of compound interest marketing.

Chances are your customers aren't keeping past copies of industry mags lying around to check out the ads. Billboards come and go. Social media is so quickly yesterday's news. But well written content based around the things you customers search for provides an ongoing return on investment;  new site visitors each day for every piece of content you produce.

inbound marketing cost

3. Inbound marketing is surprisingly cost-effective.

And then there’s the cost. On average, B2B inbound marketing leads cost 61% less than those generated by outbound marketing, with helpful blogs and social media activity offering the lowest cost per lead.

inbound marketing strategy

Stage 1:  Strategy

We start by developing the strategy -  by understanding your marketing goals, developing customer personas and mapping out an achievable content strategy with clear results in mind.

inbound marketing optimisation

Stage 2: Optimising

We make sure you're ready to catch leads as they come, by doing everything from optimising your website, setting you up on Hubspot to developing sales material for your team.

inbound marketing content

Stage 3: Content

We produce cutting edge content marketing that demands attention and pulls customers in to start forming relationships with you.

inbound marketing roi

Stage 4: Results

We know marketing is nothing without genuine sales results. We track and report on each lead your inbound marketing campaign generates, so you can see it working right in front of you.