We are a marketing agency that creates strong brands and brilliant content to give businesses a human face. We are The Revery.

Insight. Creativity. Science.

Transforming B2B and tech marketing one question at a time.

The Revery are a team of hard working, whiteboard-loving B2B and tech marketers. We like to chase the truth, dig under the ordinary and search for the real and interesting. We love rolling around theatrically with the big and ugly business problems (and also the dainty little ones). We like rich conversation, asking a lot of questions, and often have to apologise for seeming like the KGB.

We believe that B2B and tech users at the end of a long day are humans. We search the hearts beneath the suits, to create marketing that is deeply engaging and makes you the most interesting person in the room. 

Meet the people who ask the questions and lead the team.

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Jodi Gaylard

Jodi is a pragmatist who believes there is no point lifting a finger without a business outcome. She believes that while web traffic and brand awareness are wonderful things they must go hand in hand with leads and increased sale conversion. After spending a good portion of her life stomping the boards of large advertising agencies in London and Melbourne, Jodi is passionate about creating strong and authentic brands and content that reflects a deep understanding of people. Because that, combined with digital smarts and sheer hard work is what makes magical marketing and most importantly accelerates sales and drives revenue.


Nerissa Atkinson

Nerissa has techno joy, talks too fast, thinks even faster and believes that nothing is impossible with effort and intelligence. As our strategic lead once she believes in a cause, a business or a brand, she wants everyone else to love it as much as she does, and won’t stop until she gets you there. This creativity is matched with an analytical nature, formed through fifteen years in B2B, government and consumer marketing roles for companies like Telecom Mobile and ANZ, where she ran creative strategy for its key retail customer segments. 


Jennifer Chandler

Jennifer is a content marketing professional with one eye on the customer and the other on the brand. Her primary goal is to bring brands to life; making them meaningful to audiences and true to the organisation’s purpose. Her work has taken her from agency copywriting to client side content and brand strategy development, so she knows both sides of the content coin well.


Leonie Cranney

Leonie is an experienced FMCG Insights and marketing professional, with strong strategic leadership and campaign development/management skills. She is particularly strong in understanding commercial drivers of performance, and digital marketing, working within brands including Campbell Arnotts and Coca Cola, and with research companies including Nielsen.


Our approach is based on our passion for people and brands.


Our marketing agency Melbourne-based team believes that if ‘growth’ is a technology company's ticket to the stars, high quality marketing is the rocket ship to get there. We are passionate about creating strong, authentic brands and content that reflects a deep understanding of people. 


Our promise

We like long terms relationships where we can work as an extended part of your team and really deliver strong business outcomes. Here’s our promises to you that have helped us create and keep great clients.

 We let the briliance of your brand shine through.

Shine brightly

We will stop at nothing to let the brilliance of a brand shine through and enable its sparkle to catch the eye of the people who most need you.

 We don't stop until we get your strategy 100% right.

Creative wranglers

We are sticklers for quality and will wrestle with words, creative and strategy until we are sure it is 100% right to take to market.

 We are focused on getting you results.

Results focused

We are pragmatists who believe action is pointless without a business outcome. Everything we do is intent on getting you the largest return on investment.

 We tinker with your marketing to ensure you keep getting results.

1% better everyday

To ensure your results continue to improve, we craft, tinker and shape marketing to make sure it's constantly improving and getting you results.


Things our clients say about us

We have been very lucky to work with a bunch of smart and savvy clients with interesting businesses and marketing problems to solve.

  • "The Revery were able to take what little time we managed to allocate to them and produce amazing results. These have been well beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend working with them and I plan to continue working with them for some time to come."
    — Kent McNeil, CEO, DonRiver
  • “We engaged the Revery because they clearly understood the tech space and our customers. The Revery was able to take the technical and create a clear value proposition for our clients. The team is wonderful to work with, have a 'can do 'approach and go above and beyond. It's rare to find a marketing company that is so focused on achieving a sales result. I consider them a valuable extension of our team.”
    — Richard Mason, General Manager, Austracker
  • "We've been working with the Revery for many years now and I continue to be impressed. We started with the brand, moved to the website and now they manage everything from our Adwords to full content marketing. They really know our business and our objectives and stop at nothing to get us where we need to be. Our lead quality has improved tremendously since bringing them onboard.”
    — Joel Hill, General Manager, Noojee Contact Solutions
  • "Can I just say - really enjoying working with The Revery. Top notch. So happy - would have been really awkward if you were crap.”
    — Ian McClelland, Managing Director, The Guardian Australia
  • " We needed a company to help us with us with our branding, messaging and marketing. We researched quite a few companies before we chose the Revery, who we felt just understood what we were trying to do and had an approach and style that worked. The work they do for us really resonates with our business, their process make things easy and their output is top quality. I would definitely recommend them.”
    — Jonathan Gannoulis, OnQ Lab Software
  • "The Revery’s great work has resulted in defining my business proposition, tagline and a road map for developing a website and logo. I now have a marketing position and client acquisition strategy to grow the business quickly. For any business looking for honest advice and punchy marketing strategies, The Revery is the team that will deliver for you."
    — Grant Thomas, Principal, 3 Degrees

So that's our team. When you're ready we'd love a chance to meet yours.


When you're ready to chat, we'd be happy to hash out all the problems of the world. We can wax lyrical about any part of your business that you'd like to throw at us, from brand positioning to inbound marketing so you can see if we're the right marketing agency to help you.

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